Are you planning a wedding? 


We can help you plan the big day. We have function rooms of various sizes, and accommodation for guests travelling from afar. 

We have a range of delicious menus.


Christmas parties

Get into the Christmas spirit with a traditional Christmas party.


Invite your staff and colleagues, family and friends to enjoy Christmas fare and delicious Christmas smells.



We can organise a dignified setting for memorials, with good food and service. 




We can make a confirmation celebration a memorable day for the young person being confirmed and their parents. 


Baptism/Naming ceremony

A baptism or a naming ceremony is an important event for the child and the proud parents, and a nice way of gathering the ones close to you.


Anniversary and other celebrations​


Are you celebrating your 50th wedding anniversary? Your anniversary?

Book your event at Rosendal Fjordhotel


Rosendal Fjordhotel


Rosendalsvegen 46
5470 Rosendal, Norway


Phone: (+47) 53 48 80 00


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